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How do I learn animal communication?

For a few weeks now I have been offering an opportunity for interested people to gain experience in communicating with animals. I call it a "class" - and deliberately not a "course". Why?

My personal approach to animal communication I have acquired from Maia Kincaid, in her school. Maia's foundation is the belief that we all have the ability to communicate telepathically with other living beings. So we don't need to learn anything new. Rather, it is a matter of regaining confidence in this ability, which, influenced by one's own history, is more deeply hidden in some and less deeply hidden in others. One way to rediscover this ability is to regularly experience it in small steps and to experience communication. And that is exactly what the class is for.

One of the challenges of this is to trust what you "hear". Our ego, at first, will fiercely resist this. We hear the voice that tells us we are a little crazy to believe in such a thing as animal communication, or that we are not good enough at really hearing the animals, that only a select few are capable of it. But we can learn to quiet that inner voice of ego a bit and leave it aside for a few moments. The more often we do this and allow ourselves to have new experiences, the less loudly and violently the ego will try to prevent us from doing so.

This process of quieting the ego's inner voice helps not only with animal communication. Whenever we are faced with change, wanting to enter new territory, this voice will come forward to stop us from doing so. The ego wants to keep everything the way it is so as not to lose control. Our animals invite us to leave our comfort zone a bit.

That is why I have adopted the form of a class by Maia Kincaid. We meet via video conference at regular intervals and talk to animals. I facilitate the session and answer any questions that come up during our conversations. You can "bring" your animals and the questions you would like to ask them. We then talk to them as a group, learning about the animal itself on the one hand, and having another experience together on the other.

The class has no beginning or end date. Everyone can join when they would like to. No previous experience is necessary - love and curiosity towards the animals is enough to embark on the journey. More information about dates, times and costs can be found on my website.

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