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Partners & Resources

Here you can find more information about the training and further education that I have completed and the partners and friends with whom I work closely.

James French
Shelley Slingo

Trust Technique®

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The two founders of the organization write on their website:


"The Trust Technique is based on the theory that deepening the bond between humans and animals can transform the lives of both. It uses techniques of mindfulness and focused presence as a basis for problem solving and improving communication.


Daily practice of the Trust Technique creates a shared peace of mind and reduces anxious overthinking, a major cause of so-called "behavioural problems". This dynamic approach does not objectify animals, but rather recognizes all animals as sentient beings and transcends an unhealthy approach of dominance or control. It fosters a trusting collaboration that leads to healing and communication that manifests in shared well-being."

I have completed the Trust Technique Practitioner training. The videos "Messages Of Trust" are a wonderful introduction to the world of Trust Technique. I can warmly recommend them to you.

Maia Kincaid

Animal Communication World


Maia Kincaid is a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal and nature communication, with over 23 years of experience working professionally with clients and students worldwide. She is the author of six books on animal and nature communication.


Animals are enlightened, loving beings who deserve the highest esteem, reverence, respect, and loving care. Maia believes that we humans can access our true selves through the voice of animals and that through the love, wisdom and guidance of animals and nature we can transform our world.

Maia's main focus today is to help those around her discover their natural abilities and develop confidence and skills.

I have attended Maia's global classes via live video and conference calls, and continue to do so on a regular basis. In addition, Maia and I have started a project in which I am translating some of her books into German. The first book has just become available: Tierkommunikation - 5 Geheimnisse zur Meisterschaft

You can find all her books directly on her homepage.

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