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Mikko und Celine_2021 2.jpeg

Celine & Mikko

A big thank you - thanks to the Trust Technique and Animal Communication Bruno has opened a new world for me in living together with my dog Mikko!

When Bruno and I first talked about the Trust Technique, I was excited about the videos and the approach, but also skeptical whether you can really learn it so quickly and also apply it yourself.

And there it is - when we did a session with my dog Mikko for the first time, it opened my heart and proved that Bruno, with his loving and empathetic way can make a difference - with my dog and with me.

Mikko was skeptical at the beginning of the first session and kept his distance. But after a short time he lay down and became more and more calm. In fact, he got more and more involved and drifted off into a deep sleep. One had the feeling that he did not want to wake up anymore. At the end, a wonderful scene happened - he went to Bruno and licked him over the face. A clear "Thank you, Bruno!". (Here it should be said that my dog tends to keep his distance and he needs a lot of trust before he licks someone's face😊).

In an understandable way he showed how I can use the Trust Technique myself. Today I am an absolute fan of it! It is a wonderful way to spend time with your pet and get into the Present Moment. After every session I do, I feel how my dog as well as I enjoy this time and our bond becomes stronger and stronger. Since Mikko and I keep integrating the Trust Technique into our daily routine, he is much more balanced and radiates more security.

Through the Trust Technique I have learned how important calmness and mindfulness are in living together with a dog. How often did I used to react emotionally in "difficult" situations and immediately worry, fear and think "what are people thinking-thoughts"?

Today I can trust, take a breath and give my dog security. Mikko and I are much calmer and more relaxed in everyday life.

And when I was unsure and worried about Mikko's health, Bruno contacted Mikko. Again, I am convinced of his abilities to communicate with animals. He was able to free me from my worries and fears and through his help my self-confidence as well as trust in my dog came back.

Working with Bruno is a great gift and I am quite sure that with his heartfelt work he will be able to help many more people and animals to live together more peacefully.


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