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People have touched me all my life - their charisma, their energy, their desires, their worries. Often I could understand others better than myself.

For a few years I have been on an incredibly moving journey: my dog Emilia taught me how sensitive and wise animals are. They are full of love for us humans - in a way that we can hardly (anymore) imagine. They often understand us humans and our world better than we do. They have a spiritual wisdom that they are more than happy to share with us, if we want to open ourselves to it.



I strive to help people build relationships with their animals based on trust. Trust is the basis of coexistence. When trust is truly lived, everything else comes with an unprecedented ease and satisfaction, both for us humans and for our beloved animals. 

How do I work:

Each situation is very individual. I usually choose to do a few sessions with your animal to get to know them and understand how they respond to the Trust Technique. But I will teach you the technique very quickly so that you can use it regularly with your animal. After all, it's about your relationship and not the relationship between your animal and me.  This consultation will take approximately 2 hours. I will explain the basics of the Trust Technique to you, do a demonstration with your animal, show you the technique in detail and support you in your first session with your animal. After that you can work independently with your animal. Of course, I am always available to help you with your first steps.

Schatten auf Betonwand


My effort is to be a voice for the animals. I am their tool to make themselves heard with us humans. The animals are in charge. I trust them and bring what they want to convey to people - as clearly and honestly as possible.


How do I work:

I am telepathically speaking to your animal. Place and time are irrelevant. I can talk to a dog in New Zealand whether it's frolicking or napping. All I need is his name to greet him.

At the beginning I will be happy to send you a short questionnaire so that you can tell me how you assess the current situation and what questions you have for your animal. With this information in mind, I will speak to your animal and send you the transcript of the conversation. I look forward to discussing what we have heard together afterwards.

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